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Fratelli Mantova


Fratelli Mantova, that's a nice bunch of people with tradition, who have been taking the production of olive oils and spices to a new level in Italy since 1905. And that they are guys in their field is proven by their satisfied customers from all over the world.

 Below take a look at the individual products:


Avocado oil

Avocado oil in a spray, which is full of those healthy fats and vitamins (mainly potassium and vitamin E), is really great for every kitchen - both cold and warm. It has no extra flavor, so it's great for salads, grilling or frying. The practical packaging with sprayer allows easy use and control over the amount of oil used.

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil in spray simply makes sense when you are looking for only the best for your customers. This 100% extra virgin oil is ideal for maximum taste and health. You can cook anything with it and every meal will smell like something from a classy Italian restaurant. The elegant packaging with a practical sprayer not only facilitates handling, but also enables precise dosing of the oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil spray, which is simply a must for those who want to choose the best for their customers. The smell and taste of the oil is such an exotic ride that it can't sleep. And what to use it for? Well, for cooking, baking, but also in smoothies or desserts, it fits like a piece of cake. And the packaging with that atomizer? Well, that's a small miracle that will make everything easier.

Sunflower with butter flavor

This sunflower oil with a buttery flavor is really the bomb for those who want that buttery taste in their food, but without the butter. It is made from 98% sunflower oil and the remaining 2% is natural butter essence, so it is a healthier option. This high-quality oil with a buttery twist is great for cooking, baking and grilling. And that atomizer pack? This simplifies dosing and gives you perfect control over how you want to set it all up.

Rapeseed oil

Mantova rapeseed oil in spray is a top choice for customers who care about excellent quality and maximum satisfaction. This high quality rapeseed oil is ideal for a variety of culinary uses such as cooking, baking and grilling. Its mild, neutral taste and high content of omega-3 fatty acids make it a great choice for everyday use. The spray applicator enables accurate and economical oil dosing.

POKE - Avocado oil

Top quality and taste that will get customers. It is neutral, so it is suitable for everything - cooking, baking, grilling... Just great. The practical spray ensures that one does not waste the oil and always hits the right dose.

POKE - Avocado oil Yuzu

YUZU Avocado Oil is aimed at people who want to bring the right Asian touch to their cooking. This oil is enriched with the essence of Yuzu - a citrus fruit with an aromatic and slightly sour taste that conjures up a delicious Asian touch on salads, grilled meat and vegetables, sushi or poke bowls. The practical spray ensures easy use and control over the amount of oil.

POKE - Avocado oil Lime + Pink Pepper

 Offer your customers something that will take their breath away - avocado oil in spray with lime and pink pepper flavor. This avocado oil is like a wild ride on the waves – refreshing lime mixes with spicy pink pepper to create an incredible flavor symphony. Let your customers drift away with this unforgettable taste experience!

POKE - Soy souce

Soy sauce in a spray is a ticket to a completely new gastronomic ride. Simple dosing ensures that every dish has the right amount of flavor – no chance of overdoing it. It is a great companion for Asian creations as well as classic grilled pieces. The popular taste and aroma of soy sauce will give dishes the right touch of authenticity and freshness.


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