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Ready to drink cocktails

  Alcoholic cocktails Le COQ Most well known flavours: Mojito, Cuba Libre, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Blue Lagoon and Sex on the Beach. Available at these stores : HM Globus, HM Kaufland, Coop Mikulov, Konzum, Brněnka, CBA, Tempo, Terno and so on.. Instagram Le Coq cocktails
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Special beers

  Special beers Top fermented beers IPA, APA, BLONDand KRIEK from breweries: A.le COQ - Estonia and Volfas Engelman in Lithuania. Unique design, 568ml = pinta, can with hygienic foil (cover) Producer: http://www.volfasengelman.lt
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FIZZ cider

  FIZZ cider awesome cider FIZZ 500ml can with hygienic foil PET bottles 1,5 L flavours: pear, strawberry, blueberry, apple Available : Globus, Albert, Kaufland, COOP FIZZujem on Instagramu: FIZZ cider FIZZujem also on FB: FIZZ cider MOC 500ml prices: 34,9Kč MOC cena 1,51l PET: 69,9Kč
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